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Terms & Conditions.

Please find outlined our basic terms and condition, these are to ensure both RTK mobile valeting and customers are protected and understand the conditions set out.

In line with the Data Protection Laws we will treat all data with the upmost confidentiality and abide by the strict rules and regulations set out by the Information Commissioners Office

Products and services

1.1   Upgraded packages do not consist of but are not restricted to the removal of stains & imbedded dirt that requires wet vac treatment & items such as sweets and chewing gum that require steam removal.

1.2   Ultimate packages do not guarantee all stains will be removed during deep cleaning processes 

1.3 RTK Valeting Services are unable to clean and treat damaged leather.

1.4   RTK Mobile Valeting DO NOT clean control peddles due to the heath and safety risks this could impose.

1.5    RTK Valeting Service only use our own professional products which are safety tested and approved for specified use.

1.6   While every effort is made to ensure that RTK Mobile Valeting services are carried out to the highest standard (according to the condition of the vehicle) the client is advised to check the vehicle on completion of the service received, if there is any cause for dissatisfaction the client should point out the discrepancy to the technician who will in devour to correct work at the time to the best of their ability, no responsibility can be accepted by the company after the technician has left the clients premises. If the client is not present and the client has a cause for complaint, the client is asked to contact the company within 24 hours of the service being carried out.

1.7   If the need to rearrange appointments due to reasons beyond our control such as poor weather or staff sickness, the company reserves the right to adjust the date and time of the agreed service to you at a suitable time and date for the client.

1.8 We advise that all personal items are removed from the vehicle before our service is carried out, we do not hold responsibly for any items left in the vehicle.

1.9 Although every effort is made to ensure the interior is completely dry after wet vac, we do advise during cooler weather that it can take up to 24hours for furnishing to be completely dry. We advise that windows should be left slightly down and heaters to be left on for 20 minutes. 

Payment terms.

2.1   All payment for services received is to be paid in full on the day via cash, card payment or BACS transfer.

2.2 A deposit of 25% is required on booking in order to secure your booking slot, failure to do so will leave you booking unsecure and open to rebooking.

2.3   Any cancellations within a 24-hour period of a booked service that is not deemed by the company as extenuating circumstances will be charged at a 50% rate of the booked service price.

2.4   Failure to pay in full on the day will result in a £30 charge, and a further daily rate at £3 per day until receipt of payment.

2.5   Non payment will be pursued.

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